Selectra Inc. is a full line System Integrator. We work with our customers and their consultants to put the complete instrumentation package  together.  The Instrumentation Division of Selectra can supply a full line of instrumentation from all manufacturers to meet the needs of the customer.  Selectra has a strong working relationship with many of the other System Integrators doing work in the Water and Waste Water market.  When an outside Integrator is used the Instrumentation Division  coordinates the installation and delivery of their equipment, and manages the flow of approval drawings.  Selectra's field electricians, whether installing equipment supplied by us or an outside Integrator are experienced in the electrical installation and startup for most of the Instrumentation used in the Water and Waste Water Industry.  Our Electrical Division is experienced in many  wiring methods.  Please refer to that part of this web for more details.  

Selectra can take care of all of your Instrumentation calibration and startup needs. If your instrumentation can be site calibrated we can take care of that with our selection of calibration equipment, and where manufacturer re-calibration is required we can arrange that as well.


Selectra is experienced in the design  of RPU Control Panels using RPU'S from all of the major manufacturers. We also have experience  putting together Pump Control Panels, Stand Alone Pumping Station Panels  that include incoming hydro service, Ventilation Control Panels, Emergency Backup Float Control Panels, Local Control Stations, and a variety of Telemetry Panels. Selectra also has experience in the retrofitting of existing RPU Control Panels, Pump Control Panels, and Motor Control Centers.  Please refer to the Panel Shop section of this web for more detail on the panel work that we do, as well as samples of the AutoCad Drawings  that we produce. 


Selectra is also experienced in RPU programming. We have had experience programming Allen-Bradley,  GE Fanuc, Bristol Babcock, Modicon, and Control Micro Systems equipment  as well as a few other manufacturers. Please refer to our INSTRUMENTATION JOB LIST for a detailed description of a few of these jobs.


Selectra has also done Man Machine Interface development from the programming of simple data panels and operator interfaces, to the development of complete control systems using the larger commercial software packages. We have used Wonderware and Intellution in the past but have access to whatever program the customer would like used.  Please refer to our INSTRUMENTATION JOB LIST for a detailed description of a few of these jobs.


Selectra has also been responsible for the installation of many industrial communication networks.  Some of the networks that have been installed by Selectra are: Data Highway, Data Highway +, DH-485, Interbus S, Modbus, Modbus +, and Ethernet Networks as well as fiber links for Data Highway + and Ethernet. We have installed leased line and dial-up modem links as well as radio telemetry links. Our Instrumentation Department set up simple Ethernet LAN networks for office computers and RPU  networks. Cable certification can also be done by Selectra. Copper certification is done with an HP WireScope 350 which will certify the cabling to a traceable standard.  Fiber certification is done with a Microtest Certifiber unit which also tests to a traceable standard. We also have network monitoring software for diagnosing network problems in Ethernet, serial, and fieldbus networks.

Network Tools